5 ways to wear a wristlet

Aug 19, 2013

One of my all-time favorite bags is this little Kate Spade wristlet.  I found mine years ago, but the Cobble Hill Bee is similar ($78, with an added front pocket and absolutely gorgeous striped lining).  I've found uses for this little darling everywhere, here are just a few:

1. Brunch
Clearly, this bag was at brunch with me when I took the picture above (note that we went through all the hot sauce).  I brought a phone, lip gloss, two cards and a small set of keys.  It paired perfectly with shorts, a Krochet Kids LOVE Racer Tank, and my Falling Whistle.  Shoutout to Blu Jam Cafe, the best brunch spot in Los Angeles.

2. Travel
While I didn't bring this on my recent trip to Belize, I found myself wishing I had.  A wristlet would have been perfect for my passport and boarding passes, which somehow kept losing themselves.

3. A night on the town
You have to be ready for whatever the city brings you after sunset, and you'll want something small that can go from dancing to dive bar and everywhere in between.  A wristlet gives you the freedom to carry the essentials (phone, cards, and of course lipstick) right in your hand.

4. Gym
Hear me out on this one - I know you're thinking to yourself "there's no way I'm taking a little leather wristlet to the gym with me."  But I say, why not?  Go for it!  Let's be stylish when we workout.  If you're running in on the weekend and don't need to bring the clunky gym bag, carry your wristlet for a little pizazz.  Not only will you feel great about working out, but you'll have a little extra oomph from looking fabulous.

5. Give it away
A wristlet makes a great gift.  It's probably something your friends have seen and loved, but for whatever reason won't buy for themselves.  In addition to the Cobble Hill Bee by Kate Spade, I love the Coach Madison in Vermillion ($58), the Lodis Hill Street Fiona in Poppy ($108), and the Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q in Pansy Purple ($128).

Are you a wristlet fan? What did I miss?

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