Review: Susan Nichole "Blossom"

Aug 28, 2013

This, my friends, is the fall bag

The Blossom by Susan Nichole is just right for the new season. 

Since fall calls for a darker palette, I bought the Blossom in Black.  Endless pairing possibilities.  Today I wore it to work with a royal purple cardigan and gold jewelry.  The beautiful vegan leather has a gorgeous rich texture, and feels pliable and soft.  And I have to admit, the Mustard keeps calling my name.  I have a pair of brown boots that would be just delicious next to that orange! 

The best part of this bag is the extra inner pocket.  In addition to the traditional inner pockets (one zipped, two open) this bag boasts an extra zipper pocket which happens to create an extra open pocket.  You can see these here: my white headphones and orange hot sauce bottle are in the extra open pocket, and the gold head of the zipper to the left of the headphones delineates the extra zippered pocket.

My least favorite part of this bag is the way the short handles fall limply when you carry it using the longer handle. But really, every bag does this.  Why??  You'd think someone would have come up with a solution.

As you know, I'm always looking for a bag that's big enough without being too big.  Susan Nichole nails it.  Currently I have a makeup bag, a wallet, a notebook, sunglasses, a bunch of loose paper, a phone, headphones, and a bag of Tabasco packets (like this) (yes I'm serious).  There's even a pocket in the back where I've been keeping my keys, and I haven't lost them yet!

The Blossom is the bag to carry this season.  At $150 it's attainable, and if you're willing to go for the sample sale the price drops all the way to $48. 

I'm thrilled with this purchase.  I'm even more thrilled that the Blossom is vegan and entirely cruelty-free.  Thank you Susan Nichole for giving us this sumptuous animal-friendly fall staple!

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