Street Style: Gabor Vintage by Hobo

Aug 5, 2013

When a fashionable friend of mine showed up wearing this beauty, we had an immediate photo shoot.  This is the Gabor Vintage by Hobo in Jade.  I'm loving this for a few reasons:

My favorite part of this bag is the side zip pocket, which of course I neglected to get a photo of.  You can see it in a video here.  The zipper is on one side just under the hardware (a big silver circle, making the strap super flexible).  The pocket is just big enough for keys or a phone, or maybe both.  As someone who continually loses these items in large bags, I particularly appreciate this feature.

The Gabor is a great size for everyday wear.  You could easily carry an iPad, clutch, and a pair of flats.  The wide single strap is incredibly comfortable and doesn't fall off your shoulder, a must-have for any amount of walking.  There are several inner pockets (including a zipper pocket) and the lining is just gorgeous.

The "vintage" refers to the leather, which looks like it will age beautifully.  This is the same leather used in the Lauren wallet I previously reviewed (and loved).  It's smooth to the touch and has a rich visual texture.  If you're wondering, it's much more reflective in photos than in person.

Of course, the Jade is now sold out.  Tomato, Magenta and Black are all still available on the Hobo website.  I'm partial to the Mocha and Stone colors available at 6pm.

Do you have a Gabor? What do you think?


  1. That color is so beautiful! The leather looks so soft and smooth. I think it's a great handbag for the summer, but can also work for other seasons as well as a statement piece!

  2. Absolutely! This would be so cute with a black sweater and boots during the colder months.


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