Winged Bags

Aug 31, 2013

No winged bags

I dislike winged bags.

You know the type, a square bag with the sides sticking out.  Like someone was carrying a cooking sheet and the bag got stuck that way.  Michael KorsPhilip Lim and even Chloe have them.  They were supposed to be a spring trend, then a summer trend, and now it looks like they'll continue through fall.  Blah.

These bags remind me of bright blue mascara and stiff shoulder pads.  Yes, they were on trend once.  And, sadly, they will probably come back again in a decade or so.  But most of the time you look back at the photos and think, "Why?"

Here's my advice: buy a bag you'll love no matter the trend.

If you're going to invest several hundred dollars, find something you'll love for years rather than months.  If your heart is set on a bag that looks like an airplane, go for it.  But if you're just not feeling it, that's important to listen to.

The most fashionable women know what they like and make it work every season.  Find your style and go for it.

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  1. I absolutely agree. Every season, I become a little disappointed to see that winged handbags seem to be dominating the market.

    It's nice to have a trendy handbag in your collection, but it is certainly better to invest in bags that are classic and timeless!


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