Canvas tote sale surprise!

Sep 25, 2013

I've had my eye out for a canvas tote for soooo long. I keep seeing the Longchamp totes, which are just gorgeous, but I can't bring myself to make the purchase. At $125 for a small shoulder bag, I can't justify it.

So this week I was reading People Style Watch (my favorite new guilty pleasure) and one of the articles suggested Old Navy as a trade-out for more expensive bags. Old Navy?! Last time I checked Old Navy was the go-to for... Well, nothing. Maybe shirts to wear while painting. But, trusting in the powers that be (aka Style Watch) a good friend and I found ourselves headed there this weekend.

You won't believe what we found. Boots, dresses, and jewelry that we would actually (gasp) wear. And then I found this little ditty:

This is the Woman's Zip-Top Pocket Canvas Tote. It's lightweight, carries everything, and is the perfect neutral for work or errands. And it's on sale right now for $20 on the Old Navy website.

On the walk home I picked up some beers for Football Sunday and a bottle of wine for the ladies, and there was still room left over. The long handles made the mile walk home a breeze. And the single outside pocket was big enough to keep my keys and phone accessible without digging.

Granted, I'm not quite confident enough to wear it as a statement. I have, however, walked to work with a pair of heels and a Trader Joe's salad in it, and received a compliment when I took it out to happy hour. As a go-about-your-business canvas tote, this is a steal!




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