Mail Call - best bags in the magazines

Oct 21, 2013

I am giddily excited by snail mail. There's something so satisfying about opening a mailbox. True, usually it's junk mail or World Vision asking for money (you can donate ducks, how cool is that?). But about this time of the month, magic finds its way to my mail. The magazines are here!

Around this time you can usually find me melted into the couch, a spot I don't move from for hours, hungrily turning pages hunting for the best bags. October has been particularly good. Let me show you:

Gucci via Vanity Fair
It is impossible not to drool over this bag (pun intended!). This is the New Bamboo Leather Top Handle Bag. I'm loving this color but can't find it on the website, although the animalier jaguar is gorgeous as well. Starts at $2190.

Diane von Furstenberg via Lucky
This is the Highline Courier, and boy is it gorgeous. Side pockets and a slip pocket under the flap make it functional, and the leopard print is delicious for fall. This would pair beautifully with a pair of black boots, a glass of red wine, and a classic novel. $595.

Kate Spade via Nordstrom
Hello, my name is Anna and I'm a Kate-aholic. My love of Kate Spade is well documented (here and here). But this, this just takes the cake. Perfect size, top zipper, gorgeous lining. I'm particularly coveting the creamy affogato color, although molasses would be perfect for this season. $448.

Any good finds in your mail this month?

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