Review: Alessa Wellesley by Kate Spade

Oct 27, 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new baby.

This is Kate Spade's Alessa Wellesley in Garnet. It's similar to the Grove Court Maise, but you won't find little gem at

I love the way this bag is put together. The center is open, roomy and structured, with two open pockets and one zipper pocket. I have some beautiful slouchy bags, but I'm always digging for things that slide around. That's not a problem here. This fits comfortably on your elbow, and the chunky handles help keep it in place. There's an additional cross body strap, but I prefer carrying this baby front and center.

The best thing about this bag is, of course, the color. It just screams to be picked up. Going to an event? Get noticed with this bag. Wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirt outfit? This is your statement. I plan to wear it everywhere. And with the holidays coming up, a bag in this color is the perfect accessory.

The only thing I dislike is the way the zipper scratches your hand when you try to grab something inside the bag. However, with a little time, the leather won't be so stiff and I anticipate this problem will go away.

The regular version of this bag is $398. The outlet price is $295. I got it for $110 because my local outlet had a sale on top of a sale. 

If you want to grab this beauty, you'll probably need to find a Kate Spade outlet too. There are plenty in California - the Camarillo and Citadel outlets are the closest to Los Angeles. Find the nearest location to you here (select "outlet").

Seriously, go now. I'll be here when you get back and we can compare.

Special thanks to Stephanie, Janis, and all the Kate Spade Citadel staff for helping me find just what I was looking for!

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