Street style: Echo Park

Oct 15, 2013

Echo Park is a little hideaway of cool in the Los Angeles sprawl. East of Hollywood, and somewhere near Dodger Stadium, Echo Park is the home of foodies, budding artists, new music, and great little pubs. So when I received this photo for a street style review, I knew I was in for a treat.

This bag is such a find! I've never seen it before.  The graceful, rich texture and beautiful piping had me thinking Coach, and the structure led me to Michael Kors. But the top clasp is absolutely unique, and kept me guessing until I finally reached out to Shanna, the beautiful lady who carries it. To my delight, it's a brand I'd never heard of. And you'll never believe the price.

This is the Aubrey Vintage Clasp Closure Doctor handbag by MG Collection. Inconceivably, this bag is on sale for $38.

I love how Shanna pairs this bag with denim, and the vintage look is just classic with her hair. I'd try pairing this with a winter coat, boots and red lipstick. It's classy enough for a lawyer to wear to work, and functional enough for a fashionable mom to tote around with a little one. I may have to pick one up for myself.

Many thanks to my good friend and beloved reader Jennifer for sending in this picture for review.

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