4 things to always carry in your bag

Nov 14, 2013

After all, what are these beautiful bags for? Here are the four things you should never be caught without:
1) Lip gloss
Ok, I'm not winning a Pulitzer for this one. But if need it and don't have it, you will be distracted. You will be less productive (because you're keep thinking about lip gloss instead of that spreadsheet) and less comfortable. If you're at work, being less productive could lead to a bad meeting with the boss, and being less comfortable means less confident in standing up to said boss. If you just had the lippy in your bag, the whole situation goes poof. So, really, having lip gloss with you could save your job. You're welcome.
2) A notebook
This is essential for the following people:
  • People looking for a job
  • Creatives types
  • Anyone in a fight with a significant other
  • Future celebrity chefs
  • ___________ [your occupation here]
Having a notebook means you can capture those important moments that would otherwise flutter by. If you meet Ariana Huffington on a train, write down her words of wisdom. Meeting people at a party? Draw a diagram of the room and write in their names in the spot you met them (Jessica by the fridge) after you leave - you'll remember them later. And really, pulling out a real honest-to-goodness pad of paper instantly brings you up a notch. Go for a notepad you love (I swear by a thin purple Moleskine)
3) Wet wipes
Last year I took a big trip with a few friends. As we got on the plane and reached for our seatbelts, my friend Ginny let out a heart wrenching groan. She pulled her hand back and opened it to reveal a brown smushy mess. Was it chocolate? Was it something worse? We will never know, because thankfully we had a package of anti-bacterial wipes with us. They're also better than those detergent pens for getting out spills and stains (I'm talking about you, red wine on my white shirt).
4) Hot sauce
Always, always have a couple of packets of hot sauce with you. You'll be surprised the people you can talk to when you're the chick with the hot sauce.
That's my must-have list. What did I miss?
photo credit: meg_nicol via photopin cc


  1. Haha love your list of essentials! Definitely reconsidering what goes into my bag!

  2. Thanks Sally-Jean! I should update it now that it's cold, I find myself carrying gloves and scarves everywhere! Anything you can't live without?

  3. Haha… just read this post now. Had to let you know, I carry a teeny tiny bottle of tabasco in my purse. :)

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