Stella and Dot: Elephant Pouf

Feb 27, 2014

You know what I should be doing? Work.

You know what I'm actually doing? Shopping.

I'm can't pull myself away from one of my new favorite brands, Stella and Dot, and their "poufs." A pouf is a little bag for... everything. Makeup, hand sanitizer, hot sauce, really whatever you want to pack into it.

This isn't the tiny can't-fit-a-damn-thing-in-it bag. It's almost the size of an iPad (about as long and maybe 2/3 as wide). Actual measurements: about 3.5" high, 6.1" long and 3.5" deep.

And this print! You just can't get better. The colors are bold and the print has personality. I happen to be the proud adoptive mom of an elephant (Quanza, a delightful 2 year old calf at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust), so the elephant print is just the ticket for me. You can also get poufs in cheetah print, bows, stripes, fancier stripes, you name it. And they're only $24.

Want one? Start here.

Extra bonus - in addition to the beautiful lining, there's a surprise embellishment on the inside that says "hey there beautiful." Because sometimes we all need that little reminder.

If you're loving this Stella and Dot goodness as much as I am, give my dear friend Erin Markland a call. She's an excellent stylist and a lovely person.

Thanks to Stella and Dot for the photos.

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