Behind the scenes at Stella and Dot

Mar 20, 2014

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet Jessica Herrin, the founder of Stella and Dot.

I brought back lots of information for you. Did you know, for example, that the Stella and Dot team includes someone from Marc Jacobs? And Banana Republic? Suddenly all this gorgeousness is making sense.

Turns out last year was Stella and Dot's first year making bags. They had over $26 million in sales in just that year, more than J.Crew or Banana Republic. That's pretty remarkable. Makes sense though - for the price point, these bags are both luxurious and functional. You can see some I'm coveting here and here, or read my review of the How Does She Do It (great everyday bag).

It was a treat to meet "Jessica" as she is known to the stylists. She's fresh, to-the-point, friendly, and getting shit done. She is genuinely motivated to help women create an income for themselves, and she's got a big vision. I appreciated her inclusiveness, it's very obvious that she believes the company belongs to everyone involved. I can see why so many women want to work with her.

I got a glimpse of the spring/summer line that benefits Autism Awareness through the HollyRod Foundation, I can't wait to show you those bags (can't share pictures yet, sorry!). There's this perforated clutch I just can't wait to get my hands on.

Thanks Stella and Dot for my gorgeous new Wisdom Bracelet... seriously, how is this only $24? It's adorable and perfect for work, especially for those of us who sit at a computer all day and need flat jewelry.

And many thanks to my friend Erin (pictured below) for inviting me. Erin is an excellent stylist, she has this amazing eye for jewelry that will make your skin shine. And she's a beautiful model for my next must-have bag, the Avalon Tote in geranium.

I'd love to hear your thoughts - I've been taking an in-depth look at Stella and Dot, has this helped you get to know the brand better? What questions should we look into next?


  1. Great post! I didn't know they made anything besides jewelry. Learn something new every day!

    Jessie at

    1. I know, and aren't their bags gorgeous? I seriously can't wait to share this clutch with you, the color would be perfect with those J.Crew Viv flats you have on your blog today.


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