Currently coveting: Stella and Dot edition

Mar 18, 2014

My dear friend, the marvelously fashionable Erin Markland, invited me to see the founder of Stella and Dot speak tonight. Jessica Herrin is a mighty inspirational lady. In her honor, here are the Stella and Dot bags I'm currently coveting:

I've been carrying the same Kate Spade wallet for literally years because, well, it's perfect. But I would give it a break to carry this little gem. I love zippered wallets because I inevitably overstuff them, but that's not a worry with the tech wallet. I can throw in my phone, cards, cash, even some lipstick and I'm good to go. Only thing I can't fit is my giant keyring... Stella and Dot, can you solve that one for me next?

If this was a teeny bit lower in price, I might have to carry it every single day. In addition to the stellar roominess and overall ease of carrying, there's an adorably unexpected pocket on the inside that says "Voila! You're gorgeous." Because really, couldn't we all use that reminder sometimes? This bag has one of those moves that Stella and Dot does so well - the sides snap together from the inside to create a smaller bag for the times you need less space. Which, I'm finding, are increasingly rare...

I've been admiring the Madison Tech bag for almost a year, ever since Erin brought it to Belize (more about that trip here). I can personally vouch, this bag does it all.  She went from the beach to the airport with this baby. I think it's the zippers that bring it all together - there's an easy to reach side pocket that zips, side zippers that give you just enough extra room, and the whole thing zips up top. And did you see the color? I may have to have this for work. Or travel. Or whatever, I might just have to have it.

Do you have any of these? Do you love them as much as I do? Would love to hear your review!

Photo credit: Stella and Dot

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