Street Style: Angel City Brewery, Downtown LA

Mar 10, 2014

The LA Arts District is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots. Recently I discovered Angel City Brewery, a giant warehouse microbrewery. If you're in LA, this is the place to go. Delicious craft beers, tons of board games, an open floor plan and you can even bring your dogs.

In addition to great beer, Angel City has friendly and fashionable clientele. These two ladies brought just the right bags for a Friday night out!

The top is a beautiful Tory Burch Robinson Chain Mini Bag. Unfortunately the floral yellow and gray is sold out everywhere but ebay. has a beautiful light blue called windstorm, or the classic luggage color (a rich brown), both $365. To be honest, that price tag is a little high for this bag. It's a beauty, but hold off until it goes on sale.

Bag number two is Steve Madden's Bkerry Crossbody in sand. You can't see from the photo, but there's a pocket in the back that brings it up another notch. Normally $68 (what? steal!) it's on sale at for only $35. That's less than you'd spend on happy hour!

Many thanks to Angel City Brewery and my new friends for a great evening.


  1. LOVE both of these bags!!! I need them!!

    1. I know right? And we were just talking about Tory Burch!


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