Coachella round-up

Apr 13, 2014

This weekend, festival fashion is the name of the game. Here's a handbag round-up.

What are they carrying?
Aluna Francis of ALUNAGEORGE ditched the hippie cross-body look in favor of something more sleek. Aluna is carrying Stella McCartney's Beckett Faux Metallic Leather Tote. It's a big choice for the weekend, but you gotta put all that stuff somewhere. Aluna even carries a frisbee in hers. How she kept it clean I'll never know. More from Hollywood Reporter.

Minni Driver went classic with a slouchy Gucci. Love the long shoulder strap. More from Express.

What's in the bag?
DJ/Fashionista Harley Vierra Newton is carrying an awesome pineapple print backpack (evidently she's a fan of pineapple print, she wore it for Vogue back in 2012). She packed it with sunscreen, a cardholder, hair ties and hand sanitizer. More from E!online.

Vanessa Hudgens opted for a printed Cleobella and carried hair serum, refreshing body cloths, a few headbands, and a Biore self heating mask. Personally I'd leave the mask at the hotel during the day, but hey sometimes you just need a deep clean. More on her Tumblr. Also, fyi, McDonalds didn't pay for her trip.

What you should wear:
Still looking for your perfect bag for weekend two? Etsy has some great options. My personal favorite is this gorgeous hobo by Tawnie & Brina:

It's got that great festival feel, and at 18"x12", it's large enough to carry all your essentials (don't forget sunscreen!). Plus, Tawnie & Brina donates 10% of every purchase of this bag to And they're right here in Los Angeles, so you can pick one up on your way out to the desert. Use coupon code "LOVETANDB" for an extra 10% off.

Photo credits: Coachella logo by Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival. Gorgeous bag photo by Tawnie & Brina


  1. I saw a picture of someone carrying a Kate Spade bag at Coachella! Didn't seem very festival-y but I like it better than the boho look!

    Jessie at

    1. Good for them! Was it yellow? I'm loving their yellow spring line. Tonight I saw a pic of someone wearing Marc by Marc too. Glad to see we're branching out from the boho. As someone on Twitter so brilliantly said, "Florals? For Coachella? Groundbreaking" (insert picture of Meryl Streep from The Devil Wears Prada).


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