Bowen's whiskey in a bag

May 18, 2014

You already know I'm a lover of handbags. What you probably didn't know is that I'm also a lover of whiskey. What could be better than bringing those two loves together?

Last week I had the pleasure to meet JoJo and Wade Bowen of Bowen's Whiskey. They are lovely, fun, endlessly interesting people. And when they offered a tasting of their whiskey, well, I couldn't resist. It's delightful! It's smooth, and tastes like butterscotch and campfire. And it's versatile: I prefer Bowen's on the rocks, and my hubby is a fan of mixing it with root beer.

Somehow, of course, the bottle ended up in my Cupid. I doubt Rebecca Minkoff intended her bag for this purpose, but I think it's never been more beautiful!

If you're in LA, ask for Bowen's at some of my favorite bars/restaurants:
The Village Idiot
The Echo
The Thirsty Crow
Mohawk Bend
The Edison
Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel


  1. I'm new to drinking whisky. We have the Jack Daniels with honey in our cabinet now (my husband drank it at a xmas party and really liked it). Very tempted to try it with root beer.

    1. Go for it! I'm personally a fan of the honey whiskey with ginger ale. Have you ever had whiskey with cherries? Even cherry coke? Delish!


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