Help find dog lost in Carlsbad fire!

May 15, 2014

**UPDATE: Tikaani has been found! Thank you to the incredible blogger community for coming together to help find him. To keep up with Tikaani's adventures, follow his mom Melodee on Instagram.

Back to handbags tomorrow, but tonight we have important work to do:

This is Tikaani, and he's lost. 

Tikaani was lost in the Carlsbad fire. He's a tan and white husky/lab mix. His name is pronounced "Tick-ahh-knee." 

My baby dog, Indy, passed away just over a month ago. That wound is fresh my friends, and we can't let this dog go too. 

Please help find Tikaani by regramming or retweeting.

More info on the original Craigslist listing.

If you find Tikaani, he has a blue collar with a phone number on it. Call that number and you will have saved both the Tikaani and his human.

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