Kate Spade Surprise Sale

May 19, 2014

It's my favorite time of year! Here's what I'm coveting:

The Queen of the Nile clutch has a sparkly camel clasp. I hear you asking, "How is a sparkly camel clasp a good thing?" Because Kate Spade my friends, because Kate Spade. $129 down from $348.

Need a cross body you can carry anywhere? Look no further than the Mansfield Mariana. It's a simple black cross body with the classic Kate lining. And it's only $69.

If you need a little pouch, go for the Kennywood Bee in red and white stripes. Just classic, and only $39.

Need an adorable spring clutch? Go for the gorgeous watercolors of the Carroll Park Fabric Adelaide, it's only $79. Down from $268! Seriously!

Bonus - the Fortunes Resin iPhone 5 Case is an adorable pop of red with white and gold Chinese fortune cookie wisdom. It's. So. Cute. $19.

Hurry though - you only have until midnight on May 22nd. Then you turn into a pumpkin. If I'm going to be a pumpkin, I'm going to be an adorably accessorized one.

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