Ten Favorite Things: Travel Bags

May 6, 2014

This month's linkup from Endlessly Beloved covers one of my favorite topics: travel. I could talk about traveling for hours. My last two big trips were to Belize and Kenya, and I'm itching to get back out into this big world of ours.

Since we're all here for handbags, though, I tried to refrain from my soap box and instead put together a list of ten bags that make a difference around the world. One day I'd like to travel to all these places.

1) Bangle Bag by rHope
I've featured rHope before and just can't get enough of them. Proceeds from their products go directly to help women living in slums in India.

It's no secret that I love this bag, I've blogged about it before. I volunteered with Made in the Streets in Kenya two years ago and I can't wait to get back there. This bag is currently sold out but it's worth waiting for. 

Every bag you purchase goes to a craftsperson in Ghana through a business model they call "business done right." It's not charity, it's paying fair wages for fair work. 

If you're going traveling, you're going to need The Pike. While you're at it, why not travel to Peru to see where this bag is made? You can see their education and mentorship programs while you're down there.

Purchase this beauty and help artisans in Indonesia.

Every time you buy one of these swanky bags, hiip hands a bag packed with life's essentials to someone living on the street in San Francisco. Since SF is one of my favorite places to get away for a weekend, I had to include them.

Purchase this case and help fund a scholarship for kiddo near Kilimanjaro. As they say, "Carry an education."

All CAUSEGEAR does good, but the Weekend Tote is my personal favorite. Your bag is personally made by a crafter in India, you'll find their name and face on the tag so you can get to know them better online. 

9) Freedom Pak partnered with Urban Light
Freedom Paks works on the one-for-one model. For every Freedom Pak you buy, another will be given to a student in rural Thailand filled with school supplies. You can even Track Your Pak.

If this bag looks familiar, it's because I've featured it before. I LOVE this bag, as much for the style as for the cause. For every Out of Print product you purchase, they'll send a book to Africa. Go ahead, go on a shopping charity spree.

How did I do? Did I miss any good travel bags?

Thanks to Brianna for hosting the linkup!

Photo credits: rHope, Made in the StreetsDella, Krochet Kids, TOMS (for the Cleobella), hiip, Stone & Cloth, CAUSEGEAR, & Freedom Pak.


  1. love this twist on the linkup! so cute :) Thanks for linking up :)

    1. Thanks for hosting! I've met some wonderful bloggers already.


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