Yellow bags for summer (all under $50!)

May 14, 2014

Yellow calling

The thermometer hit 100° here in LA, which tells me it's time for summer bags! Here are a few to consider if you haven't already picked your summer smash. Starting from the left:

Ok so technically this bag is lime green, but it's close enough. This bag is only $48 and has a gorgeous gold chain strap.

Good news - this perfect little tongue-in-cheek clutch is only $28! Bad news - it's sold out. I'm waiting desperately patiently for it to become available again.

It's not too big, not too small, got great pockets, and it's only $39. No just kidding - order it this week and it's 25% off! Use discount code DPFW25.

How cute is this? Love the little key detail on the closure. Clocking in at $50 this is the most expensive bag of the bunch. Did someone say brunch? This would be perfect for Sunday mornings out.

Saved the best for last! Love this color blocked little ditty. Vegan leather too, and only $43! One for me please!

Does anyone have a yellow bag? Tag me in an instagram ( and I'll feature it!


  1. Oh my goodness that lemon one!!! Just like Kate Spade only waaayyyy better priced! Love it.

    Jessie at


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