What to wear to watch the world cup

Jun 22, 2014

Just realized the U.S. is playing in the world cup today? Don't you worry, you can find something patriotic using what's in your closet!

What to wear to the World Cup using what's in your closet

Here's how:
  1. Find a solid white shirt. The U.S. team will be wearing white, and you want to be right there with them. I like a slouchy white tee since I plan to indulge in pub food, but you can wear whatever is most comfortable for where you're going. Tip: Portugal will be wearing red jerseys (called "kits" in soccer) so no switching out for a red shirt.
  2. Grab some blue trousers. If you don't have trousers, dark denim will do. You want it to be clear that you wore that color intentionally, and you're not just wearing your weekend jeans.
  3. Add a pair of white flats. I love these "Fergalicous flats" from DSW, but whatever you have will be perfect. You can also go with red flats, white heels, blue sandals... feel free to play as long as you're in the red white and blue color palate.
  4. Pair this all with a bold red bag. If you don't have a red bag, white or blue are preferred. You can also go with a neutral, like a nude or a black. I'd suggest a crossbody, that way you're not worrying about it as you push for a spot at the bar.
Bonus: how to sound like you know soccer:
  • The goalie is called a "keeper."
  • Spain has been eliminated, which is a big deal. Drop something like "Can you believe Spain?" then step back and let the opinions fly.
  • The Ivory Coast team's nickname is the elephants. They're 1 and 1 so far. If anyone asks, this can be your second favorite team.
Best of luck! Let me know what you end up wearing!

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