Crazy for Carla! Habit Boutique's Carla Mancini bag

Jul 15, 2014

On a recent trip to Brentwood I discovered a beautiful little shop called Habit Boutique. And... I fell in love.

This, my friends, is the CM49 by Carla Mancini.

Look how beautiful this latch is! The turnkey style is an unexpected treat - usually you'd get a snap closure here, but not with Carla Mancini.

Notice the detail in the top of the latch, below. Also, see the minute inconsistency of the leather cut just below the stitching? That can only come from handcrafting, and I love that it's left in. This bag has character.

I love how this bag seems to glow with flecks of gold in the leather. Stunning!

The CM49 bag also comes with a short chain, perfect for carrying over your shoulder. Extra points for the wide links, which keep the chain from pinching your hair.

Carla Mancini bags are all designed and made locally here in Los Angeles. Head over to Habit Boutique to find your perfect match! The CM49s are $145 and come in a variety of colors. I fell in love with the nutmeg, but there are so many beautiful choices!

Habit Boutique is all about "well made, well styled, well priced." If you're in LA, stop by! They're located at 165 S. Barrington Place LA, CA 90049. While you're there, say hello to the friendly Associate Manager & Assistant Buyer, Haley. She has an incredible eye and will help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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