Happy World Elephant Day (and why you should adopt an elephant from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

Aug 14, 2014

Tuesday was World Elephant Day. Like most of us, I was wrapped up in sadness at the deaths of Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. These two great performers, and great people, will be missed. But both actors, activists themselves, would want us to go on making the world a better place. So lets talk about elephants.

Two years ago I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to visit baby orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. You have never seen anything so cute in your whole life as a baby elephant wearing a blanket! 

Adorable baby elephant standing 10 feet in front of me!

You probably know that elephants are being hunted for their tusks, which are made of ivory. Did you know that, to get the ivory, the poachers cut off the elephant's whole face? Sorry to drop that on you. The elephant doesn't survive, and it's pretty brutal. Here are some other reasons to join the movement:

1) Elephants really are afraid of mice! The Mythbusters did a special on it, it's brilliant.

2) Ever bring a bottle of wine to a friend's house after they had a tough day? Elephants do this too (minus the wine). It's been proven that elephants comfort their friends who are sad. Its science.

3) Elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror. Only 4 species can do this, including humans.

5) Make that three of my biggest crushes - Leonardo DiCaprio just gave $1 million to help (Vanity Fair expects him to save them all)

6) J.Crew loves elephants too! They have a ridiculously cute Crewcuts tee supporting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Me watching elephant babies frolic in Nairobi, Kenya

So, how do you get involved? You're going to LOVE this. You can adopt a baby elephant from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust! These babies are orphaned for lots of reasons, almost all to do with human interaction. My baby girl, Quanza, watched as poachers killed her mom. It's awful! But we can do something about this guys! For $50 a year you can call one of these darlings your own. You'll get pictures and personalized updates every month. I love seeing pictures of Quanza rolling in her mud bath or herding her friends around. She has such a personality!

Quanza being greedy over her breakfast - photo credit David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

You can see more about Quanza here - before you click though, be aware that some photos are pretty graphic. 

Elephant adoptions make great gifts too! When my dear friend Nicole of The Social Haven got married, I gave her and her new husband a baby elephant. Now we giggle over updates every month (her baby is such a naughty boy!). They get to go meet him on their honeymoon, I'm so jealous.

Ready to adopt? Head right over here to choose your baby elephant. Send me a picture when you're an official elephant parent!

This post is part of Treasure Tromp's Treat Yo' Self Thursday linkup - what could be more treat yo' self than a baby elephant!!


  1. Wow! Thank for sharing such a great cause and letting everyone know how they can be proactive and help. I am researching it all right now and hope to adopt an elephant of my own. Can anyone visit the orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust?

    1. You should, they're adorable and make you feel so good about giving back! Absolutely, anyone can visit. And it is sooooo worth it. If you adopt please tag me in pictures, I'd love to see your baby!

  2. Wonderful cause and beautiful photos. And what a fantastic wedding gift! Thanks for sharing.
    Claire xx


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