The Hello, Handbag Survival Kit

Aug 19, 2014

The Hello, Handbag Survival Kit

I recently found out about a company called Man Crates, and immediately kicked myself for not knowing about them before. Do you have as much trouble shopping for your mister as I do for mine? Man Crates has solved our dilemma!

Let me give you five reasons you should go to right now:
  1. Mani/pedi
  2. Spa day
  3. Unlimited mimosas at brunch
  4. A great haircut (with an extra long head rub)
  5. One whole day spent reading by the pool
Here's the deal ladies - Man Crates will save us enough time during the holiday shopping season to do all these things and more. I've already picked out Mr. Handbag's first crate: The Retro Gamer - only $84 for a literal crate full of video games, pez dispensers and more.

So when Alexandra, the Community Manager at Man Crates, contacted me to ask what my ultimate survival kit would look like, I put some thought into it. Who knows, maybe we can get a Lady Crates offshoot? (Come through for us Alexandra!) Here's what I told her:
  • First, you've got to have the right bag. My pick is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dr. Q Groovee satchel. It fits everything and looks darn good doing it.
  • Give me hot sauce or give me death! I don't think I'd make it 24 hours without hot sauce (it's one of the 4 things you should always carry). I'd take a giant bottle of sriracha.
  • I can't live without my iPad. What an incredible invention! At my fingertips I have access to books, games, friends, and all the information the internet can hold. And of course I'd protect it with an adorable Kate Spade folio.
  • Have you ever played Carcassonne? It's the most addicting, intelligent, fun game I think I've ever played, which is saying something! I play at least one round every night and would take it with me to a desert island.
  • All joking aside - I can't live without sunscreen. I am the color of Casper, and no one wants skin cancer. I swear by Clinique's City Block (although I usually use 50 spf, I'm not playing around with my skin!)
What about you? What's in your ultimate survival kit?

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