LA Dodgers - a City of Angels summer essential (and what bag to take with you)

Aug 29, 2014

One of the best outings of a Los Angeles summer is going to a Dodgers game.

LA Dodgers game behind home plate - Hello, Handbag

Sitting out in the open air, having a beer in the stands, wearing that iconic blue and white, I just love these summer nights! I was recently treated to awesome seats (thank you Pepperdine, my alma mater!) and remembered again how beautiful Los Angeles is. Palm trees in the background, the downtown LA skyline in the distance, it's just an idyllic place to be.  

When you go to a Dodgers game, be prepared to walk a long way from your parking spot to the stadium. Once in the park, you'll be carrying beer, hot dogs, tickets, etc., so carry a crossbody to keep your hands free. I chose this little flap crossbody by Kimchi Blue, a tried and true bag I found at Urban Outfitters three years ago. It's been to Africa and back, and it's always perfect.

What bag to carry to a LA Dodgers game  - Hello, Handbag You really only need the essentials at a Dodger game. An id, your debit/credit card, some cash, sunnies, and a phone. I also brought a camera and my glasses case (I'm blind, can't live without them!).

What's in my bag for a LA Dodgers game  - Hello, Handbag

No Dodger game would be complete without a Dodger Dog! To do my most thorough research for this post, I chose the mac and cheese dog with Fritos on top. You know what? It wasn't everything I wanted. Which is disappointing - I mean, look at it! It looks like a heart attack! But honestly, you're better going with the traditional Dodger Dog. It's tried and true for a reason.

 LA Dodgers game Dodger dog with mac and cheese and fritos  - Hello, Handbag

Dodger games are about family and good friends, soaking up the summer sun, and enjoying a night out with the Los Angeles community. It's my summer essential.

 LA Dodgers game night behind home plate  - Hello, Handbag

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