My Bag Pal review: how to keep your bag clean and keys organized for under $10

Aug 18, 2014

My Bag Pal hanging from a table - Hello Handbag

Meet My Bag Pal, your new key holder / bag hanger tool.

Picture this: your friend invites you to that great new brunch place, so you throw your cute new bag over your shoulder and head over. You get seated at the bar and... there's nowhere to put your bag. Really, would it be that hard for them to put in some hooks? So, what do you do? Put the bag on the bar? No room. Put the bag on the floor? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeew no. No good options here - until now!

My Bag Pal is a new tool that allows you to hang your bag wherever the heck you feel like. It has a solid, sturdy design and I trusted my favorite bags with it. And a rubber pad keeps the bag right where you put it, no slipping even when it's on the side of an oddly shaped table.

 My Bag Pal hanging from a Saddle Ranch table - Hello Handbag 

At this point I hear you saying, "Anna, this has been done before. It sounds like a good idea, but it takes up a bunch of room in my bag and I just can't do it." I know, I said the same thing - until I realized this was a twofer. Ladies, I feel your pain! I've been there too. But look what else it does...

My Bag Pal key holder on a bag - Hello Handbag

My Bag Pal also organizes your keys! Above is the view from outside, below is the view from inside.

Crazy amount of stuff in that bag right? I didn't stage this. You can see my wallet, makeup bag, two protein shakes (been doing lots of P90x!) and more in that bag. This, my friends, is the real deal. You know how hard it is to find your keys at the bottom of all that junk necessary stuff.

My Bag Pal key holder in a bag - Hello Handbag

I take this little tool everywhere. It's become a staple! Shoutout to Saddle Ranch and my great server Jackie, who helped me test it. She even gave us a giant ball of cotton candy as a photo background (and a delicious treat) - great photo on Instagram!

My Bag Pal at a bar in Los Angeles - Hello Handbag

This handy dandy tool is less than $10. To keep my beautiful bags clean and remove the frustration of finding my keys in those rushed moments, I'd pay twice that. Mine has a pink heart, but you can pick up one that looks like a rose, or a black version with rhinestones, or a simple silver circle.

My Bag Pal pink heart - Hello Handbag

My Bag Pal isn't just for handbags - I've seen it used to snap a water bottle to a gym bag, keep sunglasses attached to the sunshade in your car, and plenty more. Can't wait to hear what you use yours for!

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Disclosure: My Bag Pal provided this item free for review, and all opinions and experiences are 100% mine. I wouldn't tell you about it if I didn't genuinely like it!


  1. These things are so handy. I'm not sure how I don't have one already. Yours is too cute!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

    1. Aren't they the best? Thanks for hosting, I love this linkup!


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