Project Taco: your favorite OC tacos are in LA at last

Aug 24, 2014

We are spoiled rotten by the taco selection in LA. So much so, in fact, that the lack of good taco options in the mid-city area has been an issue for me and my taco-crazy family. But no more! The delicious Project Taco has finally opened its doors.

If you haven't been to the original Project Taco in Hermosa Beach, you're in for a treat. The food is fresh, fast and delicious, and the staff is spectacular. For example, meet Keith:

Friendly staff at Project Taco Wilshire Los Angeles - Hello, Handbag 

Keith and his team are friendly, outgoing people with a die hard love of tacos. They'll tell you what's really good there. We happened to go on Taco Tuesday, which means 3 tacos for $9. Yum! My suggestions:

Picture of tacos at Project Taco Wilshire Los Angeles - Hello, Handbag

1) Miracle Meatless
A good vegan taco? YES! Turns out it's possible. Try adding goat cheese (which makes it not vegan, but oh so good).

2) Green Chili Pork
The tomatillo salsa. Omg.

3) Korean Pot Roast Taco
My favorite! The perfect mix of sweet and hot. Totally unexpected on a taco, and I'm hooked.

But wait, there's more! Chicken and avocado, lox (it's cold! what?!) and even a breakfast taco round out the menu here. And everything is handmade right in front of you, like this:

Taco Bar at Project Taco Wilshire Los Angeles - Hello, Handbag

And let's not forget the "fonuts" - donuts that are baked and steamed rather than fried. They look heavenly.

Fonuts at Project Taco Wilshire Los Angeles - Hello, Handbag

So what does one wear to a new gourmet taco spot? Well a fabulous bag, of course! I've been obsessing over my Brenda Macleod bag this week, and paired it with a pair of pink pants from Ann Taylor Loft and a cream cardigan from my new favorite brand 14th and Union.

Brenda Macleod Fiona top handle tan - Hello, Handbag 

What are your favorite tacos in LA? If you want to have a taco-off, just call me. It's on!

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