Review: Rebecca Minkoff Cupid

Aug 11, 2014

I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite bag, the Cupid by Rebecca Minkoff. To help, I enlisted another favorite, my sweet dog Parker.
Rebecca Minkoff Cupid bag photo by Hello Handbag 

I first said hello to the Cupid at a Rebecca Minkoff sample sale (more about the sample sale here). I've always liked Rebecca Minkoff but never enough to seek one out. I went to the sample sale on a lark with my dear friend Erin of It's the Style File. And you know what happened next... I fell in love.

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid bag size comparison to iPad photo by Hello Handbag
The first thing I noticed about the Cupid is it's size. It's perfect, don't you think? It isn't that tall, but it widens at the base so virtually anything fits. I'm currently carrying a phone, camera, sunnies in a case, three sets of keys (don't ask), a business card holder, a makeup bag, and an iPad, and still have room to spare. You can see the size compared to my iPad above. Parker is a big fan as well - she knows there's a treat inside! Actual dimensions are 12" x 12" x 6.5" (with a 9" top handle drop). Additional shoulder strap is about 22".

Here's a view of the triangular shape. This shows off one of the Cupid's best assets - fantastic pockets! There are two side pockets (one on the other side of the bag) that are great for storing the little things. I use these as jewelry holders when I go to the gym straight after work. They keep everything nice and separated, and I never have to hunt for what I'm looking for.

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid bag front pockets by Hello Handbag

There are two pockets on the front, one open pocket with a magnetic closure behind the envelope flap and a second zippered pocket below the flap. I tend to keep go-tos, like lip gloss, in the open pocket, and more valuable quick grabs (like cash) in the zippered area. Inside the bag are three slip pockets and a generously sized zipper pocket.

Here's Parker modeling the other side of the bag. The hardware is beautiful, and can we just talk about the color? Rebecca Minkoff calls this "blood orange." I've also seen it called "neon orange" and "bright orange," but those don't capture the red undertones. The bag photographs more red than it is. I've never had a bag this color before, it goes with everything. My favorite pairings are with blue or gray, but it goes well with a pair of bright pink pants too!

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid bag top handle clasps photo by Hello Handbag

The gold hardware, particularly the clasps, are just gorgeous. Above are the clasps for the top handles, below for the shoulder strap.

Rebecca Minkoff Cupid bag shoulder clasps photo by Hello Handbag

If you're looking for a new fall bag, this is the one you need. It retails for $425, but you can sometimes find deals. Here are a few:
  • Piperlime has a bright blue version for $295, with an extra 30% off if you sign up for their newsletter! 
  • Zappos has four colors for $319: white, navy, biscuit (a light tan) and soft gray
  • Sign up for Rebecca Minkoff's newsletters to get 15% off.
In LA? Visit the Rebecca Minkoff store in LA in the Silver Lake area:
4661 Hollywood Boulevard
LA, CA 90046

Your turn! What would you style with a bag this color?

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  1. Beautiful bag. I love when they aren't too big but leave plenty of room anyway. You know what's nice as well? The color. It is strong without being too bright or flashy, so it will go as a counterpoint with lots and lots of different colors and patterns.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

    1. Thanks Alex! I love that too, I just tote around so much stuff. I wobbled about the color but I'm so glad I chose this one!

  2. Aw thanks for featuring your puppy! Aways love Minkoff bags.

    Thanks for your sweet comments about MMG :)

    1. Her bags are amazing aren't they? Of course, share the love!


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