Everything you need to know about Kate Middleton's baby #2

Sep 9, 2014

Kate Middleton is pregnant with baby number two!

Kate and William, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their second baby in March or April of 2015. You can see the official announcement here.

Kate Middleton Prince William Prince George baby - Hello, Handbag

Poor Kate has Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), which sounds like a spell from Harry Potter but is actually a very acute form of morning sickness. It affects about 3 in 1000 pregnancies. HG can create severe dehydration, which can be very dangerous for both mom and baby. When she was pregnant with George, Kate's HG led to hospitalization. So far she she's felt well enough to be treated at her London residence, Kensington Palace. She will likely move back to Amner Hall, their country residence, for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Prince William is clearly concerned, but very well spoken as always. When asked about Kate, he told the press, "She’s feeling okay, thanks. It’s been a tricky few days — a week or so — but obviously we’re basically thrilled. It’s great news, early days, but I’m hoping things settle down and she feels a bit better.”

Luckily Kate's mom, Carole Middleton, is around to help out! She's been staying with the family for a few days at a time, helping run after baby George and cooking Kate's favorite foods. Supposedly she loves ceviche, but I can't imagine that sounds appetizing right now!

Baby Cambridge will be fourth in line to the throne behind 1) Grandpa Charles, 2) Daddy William, and 3) Brother George. Uncle Harry moves down to 5th in line, which he doesn't seem at all upset about. After all, Princess Diana used to call him "the back up" (in good fun and with all the love in the world).

Want to send congratulations? Consider donating to Kate's charity, the Royal Foundation, through which she does most of her philanthropic work.

Side note - I think the royals are just the most beautiful little family and I love them dearly! So much so, in fact, that when we brought in the newest member of our own family we named her after the princess. Kate Puddleton is just as beautiful as her namesake!

Kate Puddleton dog named after Kate Middleton - Hello, Handbag

What do you think the new baby will be named? I'm hoping for Anna of course, but so far the betting favors the names Elizabeth and Henry. What's your guess?

Thanks to Wikipedia for the image of the royal family.


  1. How cute is that pup and the name?! So adorable! And I agree, that family is so pretty. I know their next child will be too!

    Thank you for the sweet comment about my dog on my Monday post. I appreciate it :)

    1. Almost forgot to ask - are you going to the brunch Sunday? If so, see ya there :)

  2. I'm so excited about the baby! Hoping it's a girl.


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