Your Friday playlist - 9 songs to make you feel great

Sep 26, 2014

Friday is here! Let's celebrate with great music.

Brave - Sara Bareilles 
This is the ultimate groove song... until you start listening to the words. Then you want to shout from the rooftops! "Say what you wanna say / And let the words fall out / I wanna see you be brave!" A great reminder for the end of your week. Be brave! Say the thing you've been meaning to say! The results might surprise you. 

Royals - Lorde
Get ready to sing along, the melody is just infectious! I'm serious though, go for it. There's something about singing along to this that makes me feel like I have the most amazing voice. Try it! I bet it boosts your confidence level too. Also can we just mention that I would like to be royal, thank you very much, and I sometimes sing this as "We will maybe be royyyyyyyals!"

I Was Here - Beyonce
Possibly my favorite song by Queen Bey, which is saying something! This song speaks to that strong inner urge to do something. Make a difference. Make someone's life better. When I'm done here, I want to have done something great. I put this song on when I'm feeling blue, and by the time it's over I'm ready to conquer the world.

Fighter - Christina Aguilera
Is something stressing you out right now? An awful work project? Breakup? Difficult finances? This is the song for you. Whatever you're going through, you will be stronger because of it.

Try -  Colbie Caillat
Ok you caught me, most of this playlist is songs that have a great message. But these are my favorites! You should be listening to music that makes you feel like you can do anything, like you're great for just who you are. I love Colbie's simple melody and brilliant video. You don't have to try so hard! Do you like you? That's what matters my friends.

Independent Women - Destiny's Child
The shoes on my feet? I bought them. How about you? I bet you did. Or your car, or a trip you wanted to take... the point is not the stuff you buy, but that you can do it. All by yourself. You make good decisions for you.

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
You cannot - cannot - listen to this song without doing a little dance. I have a yoga ball chair at work, and by the end of this song I feel like I've done a cardio workout with all the bouncing! Also, if you haven't watched it, the end of this video is just fantastic.

Happy - Pharrell
The ultimate feel good song. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to this! One day at work we put it on the 24 hour version and just let it play. Ready for a toe-tappin good time? Hit that play button.

Shake It Off - Taylor Swift (saved the best for last!)
Confession: I had never heard this song until this week. I didn't know people call her T-Swiff (is that a thing?). I'm not sure I could tell you another song she did - except the goat one. But this! This is my new favorite! The beat is bouncy, the song gets stuck in your head in the best way, and the message is so spot on. Those haters? They're gonna hate. Fakers? They're gonna fake. They're going to say you have nothing in your brain, or whatever their insult of choice is. But you know what you do? You shake it off! Preferably in a ballerina tutu while doing silly dance moves.

What did I miss? Put your Friday songs in the comments!


  1. Fabulous list! Now I want to start the weekend over!

    1. Lol thanks Lauren! We can start again in a few days!


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