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Oct 20, 2014

Love bags? Don't love the investment prices? Then you've got to meet Jen, founder of The Trendy Kitten. The Trendy Kitten is a refreshing new online boutique where you can find Kate Spade, Michael Kors and more. All at significantly better prices than you're used to!
Jen, a model-turned-entrepreneur, has impeccable taste in bags. With her fashion industry background, it's no wonder Jen hits it out of the park in her online shop. I had the pleasure to interview Jen about the launch of her new brand, here's what she had to say:

I love the name "The Trendy Kitten"! Where did it come from?
Thank you! I love the name, too! It took a lot of time and thought to come up with a store name that was both simple and ‘me.’ I toyed with a few other ideas, but once I came up with The Trendy Kitten, I knew that was it! I also love it because it has deep, personal significance. Growing up, my dad nicknamed me his 'kitten,' as I always loved to snuggle up with him. The Trendy Kitten isn’t just a cool name; it’s also a tribute to both my background in fashion ('trendy') and a way to honor my dad.
Jen, founder of The Trendy Kitten, on a modeling tour in Singapore
You mention that everything on Trendy Kitten is handpicked, what's that process like?
The process takes a LOT of time! But I love being able to go through different items and styles, finding only the best quality pieces. I try to have a variety of styles available (I realize not everyone wants the exact same things). I spend quite a bit of time looking for pieces that are trendy, fashionable, and allow me to pass on some significant savings. If an item isn't at a level of quality that I would wear, or be proud to sell, then I won't carry it. Luckily, I enjoy the process of shopping for others – saving them time, money, and stress!

I also love having everyday fashion on the same site as higher end designer items, at such a great bargain! It opens up so many new venues to people who otherwise wouldn’t consider combining their everyday look with a designer piece. It can really spice things up!

A Kate Spade Sedgewick Place Avalon crossbody, handpicked for The Trendy Kitten

What was your favorite piece you ever sold on The Trendy Kitten?
Can I admit that I have several items that I fell in love with and just had to add to my own wardrobe? There is this adorable maxi dress, with pockets, that I had to snatch up for myself! (It’s still available in black and white or purple). It is so comfortable and easy to dress up or down; I absolutely love it! There is also a pair of purple Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses (who knew I had a thing for purple!) that I had to get for myself too. Such a good designer name, at such a crazy price! Sometimes I will also go through a bit of a love affair with some purses I'm able to stock. I want to keep them each so badly, but I know that is not how to keep the business going.  
What's been your biggest obstacle? How did you overcome it, or how are you currently managing it?
I would have to say that, so far, my biggest obstacle would just be getting the whole business process going! As with anything worth doing, I found that after each step in the process there always seems to always be another obstacle to overcome - but I love the challenge and work! When I first started out, as silly as it may seem, just coming up with the name was a huge obstacle. Even something as simple as choosing the business name meant that I needed to file legal documents, tax information, get the website up and going, and so on! The current obstacle is figuring out how to get  more website traffic and getting my name out there. I’m also working double time to keep inventory available, because everything seems to be flying off the virtual shelf! (I’m not complaining about that part, though!) Thankfully, I know my brand and reputation for quality items will help customers happy, returning, and referring their friends.

Jen taking some time to play

What fashion industry knowledge did you bring to The Trendy Kitten?
I want people to know how easy and affordable fashion can be. By buying long-lasting, quality items, they’ll not only be able to look great, but they’ll be able to do it on a reasonable budget. It is so much easier (and cheaper!) to have a smaller, quality wardrobe that can be accessorized than to try and keep up with the big box store displays. Getting some awesome customer service to boot? That’s just icing on the cake.
What's your biggest piece of advice for a budding fashion entrepreneur?
My biggest piece of advice? Be patient, determined, and don't skip steps! If you don't have patience for the time that things take, you don't stand a chance. These traits will be seen by your customers, because all of the hard work that goes into the details is key! Your customers have lots of options available, so you have to be the one that they can trust. I know that there are lots of steps and procedures that are necessary, like the boring legal work, to get the right permits, tax ID's and much more. Even so, pay attention to the details, and eventually, you will find yourself much more settled.

Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Wristlet, part of a bag/wallet set on The Trendy Kitten

What's coming up next for The Trendy Kitten?
I’m excited for some special upcoming items. They’ve been ordered, and I should get them any day. They are going to be fabulous fall and winter (transitional) pieces – and I can see having to snag one or two for myself!

Need to grab one of those transitional pieces for yourself? Hello, Handbag readers get a special discount - just use code "hellohandbag" at checkout for $5 off anything over $75! 

Stay tuned for more on special upcoming pieces, you'll be seeing them on Instagram via Hello, Handbag and The Trendy Kitten! Have a question for Jen? Or a special request? Leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you!


  1. It's so true, it's so much smarter to buy quality and not have to buy as much. Great feature!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

    1. Thanks Leann! I agree, although it's sometimes hard to stick to :)


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