12 bags your friends don't have

Nov 13, 2014

12 bags your friends don't have

Tired of seeing the same old bags everywhere? Fear not - here's a list of 12 bags your friends don't have.

1) Vroom Beaded Clutch (Big Box version) by Sarah's Bag - $1100
Ah, the good old days when my brother and I would play with Hot Wheels on the steps of my childhood home. Fast forward a couple of decades and this highly unexpected clutch takes my breath away! Graphically stunning with a beautiful beaded texture, the highlight of this little beauty is the toy car clasp. Although this bag is way outside my pay grade, the mission of Sarah's Bag makes the price tag worth it (note - there are several less expensive versions). Sarah Beydoun is a Beirut-born designer who employs incarcerated women in the middle east. Expect to see a lot more of Sarah's Bag here.

2) Round Phone Dial Clutch by Betsey Johnson - $88
A basic black clutch goes with everything, but can get... well... boring. Spice things up with this eclectic Betsey Johnson creation. Besides, if your date gets dull you can use it to phone a friend!

3) Fifi Doll Face Clutch by Lulu Guinness - $487
One side her eyes are open, the other side her eyes are closed, and the clasp looks like bright red lips. It's brilliant. And since I found it on a UK website, chances are you won't be seeing it nearby.

4) J'aime La Vie by Claire V. - $210
Show the world your zest for life with this colorful Jaime La Vie ("I love life") clutch from the always gorgeous Claire V. I also love the chambray lining.

5) Flavia Wilted Daisy Clutch by Edie Parker - $1495
I've seen daisies, but wilted daisies? I would never have thought this would work, and it's fantastic. Everything is unexpected - the flowers, the structure, there's even a mirror along the inside wall! If you're investing in this one, make your purchase from Kirna Zabete to support a very cool woman-owened business (I don't get a cut, I just like to support great entrepreneurs).

6) Yeezy Stronger Clutch by Necessary Clothing - $20
Fans of Kanye West and Daft Punk will recognize this immediately. I listen to "Stronger" when I run, it makes me feel empowered. Take that empowerment to a whole new level with the Yeezy Stronger Clutch. $20 for a bag full of confidence? I'll take it.

7) Moi? by Marks & Spencer - $40
Another UK gem, the Moi? clutch is a fun low-priced option. Surprisingly, this clutch has two slip pockets and a zip pocket on the inside.

*Update: Uh oh! I've been told the Moi? is sold out. Not to worry, they have a fun "Yes & No" bag at the same price point.

8) Mixed Feelings Clutch by Nasty Gal x Nila Anthony - $24 on sale
On one side, "It's not that complicated" on a white background. On the other, "It's complicated" on a black background. Because, as Nasty Gal says, "Life's too short for predictability."

9) Love Clutch by Les Pettits Joueurs via The Real Real - $375
It's hard to tell from this picture, but "LOVE" is spelled out with... you'll never guess... legos! And the yellow leather is just luscious. This is a much more expensive bag, but since it's The Real Real you get a great discount and absolute assurance that you're purchasing a real product.

10) Place Your Bets Emanuelle by Kate Spade - $328
You knew I had to throw in a Kate! This clutch has a card face on the front and a traditional back-of-card design on the back, a three-section interior and of course gorgeous Kate Spade lining. If you need this for a specific event, consider renting it for as low as $50 for 4 days via Rent the Runway.

11) Play On Player Game Over Clutch by Go Jane - $20 on sale
It's big, it's bold, it's nerdy in the best way. You'll love the bright red interior with two slip pockets and a zipper pocket. Bring this to game night for extra points.

12) Blue Glitter Eye Clutch Handbag with Teardrop by Luna On The Moon - $114
This fabulous Etsy find is the most unique of the bunch! This London-based designer hand makes her bags, so the chances of someone else carrying your bag is slim to none.

Your turn! What are some unique bags you've discovered? I'd love to see picture, tag me on Instagram @hellohandbag or post a link in the comments below!


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