How to find the perfect travel bag

Nov 10, 2014

Woman traveling with backpack via unsplash credit  Steven Lewis - Hello, Handbag

More than almost anything in the world, I love to travel. New food, new streets, new people, I can't get enough. If you're heading on a trip soon, you'll need to pick a good bag. Here's how:

Find something lightweight
If you travel like I do, you're on your feet all day long. You need provisions for that long day - layers, snacks, sunscreen... With all that stuff in tow, the last thing you want to do is carry around a heavy bag. Leather is just not going to work my friends. Go for canvas, vegan leather or a heavy nylon. Try a large Longchamp Le Pliage, $145 at Nordstrom.  

Make it easy to carry
Imagine with me - so you're in Paris, and you're headed to the Eiffel Tower. You punch your ticket at the metro. You hold the bottom of your bag during the ride so no pickpockets get your goods. You pause for a refreshing glass of chardonnay and a croissant. You get to the Eiffel tower and hold on to the rail for deal life as you climb up the 704 stairs. Now... imagine having to do all that with a top handle bag. No thank you! You need a crossbody or a backpack. Personally I am nervous with all my possessions behind my back, so a crossbody is best for me. Consider the Michael Kors East/West Kempton, $88 at Macy's. 

Don't forget the pockets
Where's your hotel key? Those loose euros? The metro ticket? Keep all the important things organized with strategically placed pockets. The best in the business is Dagne Dover. My personal fave is the Clutch Wallet, it's simply amazing how organized one clutch can be. There's even a pocket for your lip gloss! Starts at $125 (it's worth it).

So what's your perfect travel bag? I'd love to hear your suggestions!

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