On the Inside: Mindy Lamont talks business, sunglasses, and The Insurist

Dec 3, 2014

Every so often I get the opportunity to interview a bad-ass babe, but few are as genuinely cool as Mindy Lamont. I've long admired Mindy and I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce her to you in this episode of On the Inside.

Quick introduction - On The Inside is a regular series here at Hello, Handbag featuring darn cool women. We take a look inside their bags to learn what's important to their lifestyle (so you and I can steal their good ideas).

Mindy was part of the insurance industry behemoth until she said, "Uh uh, there's a better way" and founded her own company. The Insurist is an irreverent, approachable, human-centered way of getting insurance done. In true entrepreneurial fashion, Mindy didn't just stop with The Insurist. She's just launched Insure Mom Too, a must-see for all you moms (and children of moms) out there.
Let's take a peek in Mindy's bag and see what good ideas we can steal.

Mindy Lamont  - The Insurist - Hello Handbag
What's your go-to bag?
Much of my life is spent on the road, so I choose bags that can hold my iPad Mini at a minimum. Most often I use this Rebecca Minkoff Cherish Tote. It travels well, and it fits the Tumi leather portfolio I take to all client meetings (a wireless keyboard fits in the side pocket of the portfolio so I can set up office anywhere). It was my answer to a briefcase and it's been working overtime for about five years now.

What's in my bag - The Insurist - Hello Handbag
A handbag has to have a key hook and pockets designed for my phone and business card holder as I am always reaching for those items and I hate digging around in a bag looking for things...it's one of my biggest pet peeves.

I'm a bag changer, so I keep things as organized as possible by having bags within my bags. 

Wait, say more about staying organized by using bags within bags:

What's in my bag - The Insurist - Hello Handbag

So I have to tell you this story - I'm staging some photos for this post, which consisted of dumping the contents of my bag on the ground and making them look interesting, and my friend walks in and starts laughing. First, because I look ridiculous, and second, because my bag is filled with many other bags - which she delighted in pointing out. "What's in your bag? MORE BAGS." 

The little makeup bag was a birthday gift from Anthropology I think. It's the perfect size though. Enough for lip stuff, powder and perfume.

I'm actually not a Louis Vuitton girl, so it's funny that I have a monogrammed wallet and business card holder. The wallet was a gift, and they just paired well. It's important to me to have my cards in something presentable because I'm always reaching for them. If I'm going to a professional event I often throw a credit card in with my cards and forego a wallet altogether.

Sunglasses are my guilty pleasure - my current dailies are a pair of Lanvin aviators. I tend to change my glasses depending on what I'm wearing, but these are pretty universal right now. Helps to take an unnecessary decision off my plate. Lord knows you don't want to suffer from decision fatigue over sunglasses (laughing).

You have a lot of tech going on here. What is it and why is it important? 

What's in my bag tech stuff - The Insurist - Hello Handbag

I use a Mophie Juice Pack Plus because I'm on my phone all the time and it allows me to go a full day without needing to charge. Ugly? Yes. But it's necessary when the phone is your most prized business tool.

The orange sleeve you see is from Aldo, it was my answer when I needed something to carry my iPad Mini. I was doing everything on my iPhone when I was out of the office and was tired of trying to operate from such a small device. The iPad Mini was the perfect solution, and now that it takes phone calls... even better.

Any last must-have items?

There's always a small bottle of hand lotion and a hair clip or tie in my bag. And a reusable shopping bag (the green one is from Petunia Pickle Bottom), preferably one that folds up in to itself like this one.

Lastly, I've usually got a handful of branded pens with me to give to people. Just one of those marketing things...people seem to appreciate them and it's one more way to stay in front of people.

PS...if anyone knows of an amazing hand cream I'm in the market for one.

Thanks Mindy! Here's what I learned today:
  1. Style is important, but it must serve a business purpose first
  2. Organization is key
  3. Tech is a must, but ugly cases don't have to be
  4. When in doubt, put on a great pair of sunglasses
Thank you so much to Mindy for the glimpse into your lifestyle! Mindy and I would love to hear your tech solutions, tag us in your instagram photos (@hellohandbag and @theinsurist). You can also follow Mindy on Twitter at @theinsurist or @insuremomtoo, or if you're ready to take the plunge on insurance I can personally guarantee you won't find a better experience than you'll get with The Insurist.

Interested in being featured for an On The Inside post? Send me a tweet at @hello_handbag!

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