How smart bloggers get over writer's block

Jan 29, 2015

Ugh, writer's block! It hits us all. Luckily there's a wealth of ideas out there for overcoming that sticky situation. Here's how some smart bloggers get over writer's block:

Brittany Bullen, Founder of the International Blogger's Association (of which I am a proud member), suggests participating in link-up parties. She says, "I get inspiration for new posts from seeing other posts on link-parties. They’re great to visit when you have writers block." Read more here: 5 Tips to Grow Your Blog.

Ana from Our Blended Marriage checks Google Trends for ideas. I've used this myself, I'm particularly a fan of the Trending Searches. Ana has 9 more suggestions, read them all here.

Erin, personal stylist and blogger at It's The Style File, uses trend alerts too. In addition to Google, Erin recommends Yahoo and Twitter Trends.

Alex, founder of SoCal Blogger Society (where I am also a proud member) and author of Stylelista Confessions has a great idea - gold cupcakes! More specifically, she tries exploring new places and learning new skills to get herself out of writer's block.

Emily Maloney, a fellow #binder writer, goes for a dance party in her kitchen! What's on her playlist? "A little bit of everything. Jackson Five, classic rock, motown, Radiohead, hip hop, country.... #cantstopwontstop." (Emily, my favorite song in the world is Talk Show Host")

The team at aliljoy says, "Go out and experience something new. It often gives a fresh perspective. After that, persevere and just keep writing." They also suggest: "Take it to the great outdoors! Long walk. Beverages in the sun. Good company. Fabulous."

Emily from Ember Grey goes to her Pinterest boards and quote books for inspiration. She suggests The Wise & Witty Quote Book for unexpected quotes from people like Jerry Seinfeld and Dolly Parton.

Finally, my fellow #pursechat lover Oron On The Run says, "just give me a minute nothing's coming to me." Ha! You're speaking my truth Oron! But he follows it up with great practical advice, "for real though the best advice to overcome writers block I learned in grad school at Fordham is simply begin writing whatever comes to mind. That tricks your brain into writing mode and then the words will flow."

Thanks to all these writers! How about you? How do you get through your writer's block? Leave a comment here or tweet me at @Hello_Handbag.

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  1. It's nice being able to see that 1. we are all affected by writers block at some point ;) and 2. how other writers deal with it. Thanks for sharing, Anna!

    1. Thanks for lending your words of wisdom Emily!

  2. Thanks for including me in the roundup and for revealing new tips!

  3. Thanks for including me in the roundup and for revealing new tips!

  4. Love that you included me on this! Thanks for the support!


    1. You're a wealth of ideas Alex, I so appreciate you!


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