Future Glory: drool-worthy bags with a compassionate twist

Feb 20, 2015

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"We believe that business is a means to support social change." With just 11 words, Future Glory had my heart (and my wallet).

Future Glory is a small but mighty handbag company based in San Francisco, CA. They're out to make the world a better place by donating part of every purchase to charities that help women create better lives for themselves.

Social enterprises like Future Glory are on the cutting edge of business. We're reaching a tipping point even now - more and more businesses have a social mission, and great people like you are using your dollars to vote for companies that create social change rather than straight profit. So how does Future Glory do it? I'm glad you asked...

Presidio Tote ($175):
Looking for a beautiful way to carry a whole lotta stuff? The Presidio Tote is calling your name. With enough room for your laptop, that giant padfolio, and a pair of heels, this could work for you all day long.

Part of the proceeds from every Presidio Tote goes to Freedom House, a San Francisco nonprofit providing safe housing and long term support for victims of human trafficking. Their mission is: "to bring hope, restoration, and a new life to survivors of human-trafficking."

I love the freeing feeling of being able to carry anything in a giant tote. But after a couple of wears I suddenly can't find my lip gloss, or my sunglasses, or my actual glasses... that beautiful tote with so much potential becomes an endless pit of doom.

So you'll believe me when I say the Bag Insert Organizer from Future Glory is possibly the greatest invention since the wheel. With 8 dedicated pockets for essentials like water bottles and cords, you can finally have that gorgeous tote and find all the important things in it.

When you purchase a tote organizer, some of those dollars go to Because Justice Matters. Because Justice Matters was born from founder Ruthie Kim's experiences working in the infamous Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Their mission is: "To reach women who are victims of sexual exploitation and domestic violence, and offer support to those experiencing isolation due to economic and cultural challenges." They're working to open a women's center in the Tenderloin, and each purchase from Future Glory gets them a little closer.

Pssst - sign up for emails from Future Glory to receive 10% off your first order!

So what do you think? Are companies like Future Glory making the case for compassionate purchasing? If price and quality were equal, would you you rather purchase from a compassionate company? Sound off in the comments below, or shoot me a message via Twitter or Instagram!

All photos belong to Future Glory and are used with permission.


  1. I especially like the tote at the beginning, but I am handbag-challenged. My mother in law gave me two Dooney & Burke bags she didn't want anymore (yeah, I know; I wish too) and I hardly ever use them. Maybe if I could find more nice designs like these, I would carry bags more often! Following from the #atozchallenge.

    1. I'm so glad you said something! It may be because, as beautiful as the bags your MIL gave you are (she sounds lovely by the way!), they're just not right for your lifestyle. For example, I have a bowler bag that I adore, but when I take my dogs on an outing there's just no practical way to carry it. What do you carry instead? I'd love to hear what's working for you!


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