Handbag Cake Recipes for Valentine's Day

Feb 9, 2015

Mmm... handbags.... Normally I try to keep my bags on my arm and not in my belly, but these recipes were just too delicious to resist!

By Beka Ein
Have a Kate Spade lover in your life? Make this cake for their special day! Ein has a photo for every step in the process so you'll never lose your way.

By Jacques Torres of Food Network's Chocolate with Jacques Torres
This one does require a mold, but boy do they come out adorable! The recipe takes 4 hours total and includes instructions on how to temper your chocolate (extra points if you know what "tempering chocolate" means).

By Betty Crocker
Possibly the simplest recipe in the bunch. There are only 6 steps and a handy video guides you through the whole recipe. Plus, there are plenty of good reviews from happy bakers!

By How To Cook That
If you're feeling advanced, try the zipper on this cake. Here's how it's done:

By Louise at Cake Journal
Cake Journal's take on the Purse Cake is made with buttercream ganache. Need I say more? Handy photos walk you the whole way through the 13 step recipe and Louise includes tips for the trickier bits.

By Victoria at Good To Know
If making an entire handbag out of cake seems overwhelming, try adding these little fondant decorations to your regular cupcake recipe. They're surprisingly simple and really, really cute!

Have a special recipe for Valentine's day? Add a link below!

Photo credit: The Pink Princess / Foter / CC BY


  1. How cute are these little handbag candies? Love the polka dots!

    1. Aren't they so cute? I can't wait to try them!

  2. Handbag cakes are so amazing (like any other intricate cake actually)!!
    I'm staying basic for Valentine's Day and just backed some heart shaped cookies (actually the recipe was for Christmas cookies but I loved it sooo much!!) I've rounded up a couple of recipes on my blog (including the said cookie recipe) that you can find here: http://aspectsofstyle.com/2015/02/08/valentine-baking-inspiration/


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