On the Inside: How Nicole Reisberg and her Louis Vuitton are taking over the world

Feb 13, 2015

What do Louis Vuitton, social media, and making your own hours have in common? They're all part of Nicole Reisberg's master plan for her company Social Haven Marketing.

On The Inside is a regular series here at Hello, Handbag featuring amazing women. In this episode, Nicole shows us the tools she uses to get it all done (packed inside a gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag). PLUS Nicole is offering a free social media consultation to all Hello, Handbag friends!

I met Nicole when she was the Marketing Director at a startup tech company in Los Angeles. She didn't just handle marketing, she did everything. From company visioning to daily nitty-gritty, Nicole managed it all. So when she announced she was starting her own business, no one was surprised. She now runs Social Haven Marketing, a successful social media and marketing firm on the east coast.

Let's take a peek in Nicole's bag and see how she does it.
First, we had to know about the bag. Nicole says, "My go-to bag is my Louis Vuitton Raspail MM, which was a generous hand-me-down gift from my mother-in-law."

Here's Nicole's list of must-have essentials that help her manage the business owner lifestyle:

1. iPhone 6
The bigger screen helps me manage my social media biz on the go with apps like Buffer, Wunderlist, Google Drive, & Google Analytics.

2. Tri-fold Tory Burch Wallet (like this one)
I will never be one of those women who can use that iPhone case with the credit card slot. There's simply too much to carry around! With me at all times, I carry: personal debit & credit cards, company debit & credit cards, insurance cards, and usually a few random gift cards leftover from last Christmas.

3. Small Coach Wristlet (like this)
This little baby holds about 100 business cards and tons of quarters for meters or tolls. I like the structure of this wristlet because it keeps my business cards nice and crisp. No one wants to spend time digging for a wrinkled business card.

"No one wants to spend time digging for a wrinkled business card." - Tweet that!

4. Headphones
These are such a must. My headphone cord is almost always connected to my phone. It helps me answer quickly and stay hands-free when I'm on the go.

5. Baggu Reusable Bag
Am I the only one who refuses to pay 10 cents for plastic grocery bag? I always keep my reusable Baggu in my purse.

6. Primp Essentials
When traveling around, sometimes the weather can take a toll on your look. I always keep some primp essentials with me: small hair brush, MAC powder and Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm.

Thanks Nicole! Here's what I learned today:
  1. You can run a company out of the Louis Vuitton Raspail MM
  2. You have a business excuse to get the iPhone 6 Plus (thanks Nicole!)
  3. Baggu bags have both economic and environmental benefis
  4. Buffer is taking over the world  
Thank you so much to Nicole for the insight!

I'm thrilled to tell you that Nicole is offering a free social media consultation to all Hello, Handbag readers. Simply send her an email and let her know you found Social Haven Marketing via Hello, Handbag.

Are you an entrepreneur? Nicole and I would love to hear your ideas, tag us on Twitter via @hello_handbag and @nicolereisberg.

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