Role Models Not Runway Models: Carrie Hammer knocks the socks off New York Fashion Week

Feb 23, 2015

Carrie Hammer shattered the broken record of New York Fashion Week with her Role Models Not Runway Models show.

JAMIE BREWER RUNWAY-PRESS credit Marc Hall - Carrie Hammer Role Models Not Runway Models New York Fashion Week - Hello, Handbag
Photo Credit: Marc Hall
Carrie Hammer's Role Models Not Runway Models show is the most important thing to happen to fashion since women started wearing pants. By putting extraordinary women on the runway, Hammer showed the fashion world that talent, intellect and work ethic make a person beautiful. 

In a year when runway after runway was dominated by sixteen-year-old models and "sweaty hair," Carrie Hammer gave us a much needed fresh perspective. To show off her new (and delectably wearable) women's professional clothing line, Hammer brought in a powerhouse modeling team. But these weren't the latest "it" models - oh no, Carrie Hammer had something far more important in mind.

A Runway Revolution credit Bhushan Ahire - Carrie Hammer Role Models Not Runway Models New York Fashion Week - Hello, Handbag
Photo credit: Bushan Ahire
Hammer recruited talented, intelligent, accomplished women for her Role Models Not Runway Models show. Authors, marketing executives, philanthropists and more graced the stage, showing off beautifully wearable professional apparel. The Role Models included:
Marie Southard Ospina, body positivism, size acceptance and plus-size fashion author
Alex Amouyel, Director of Program for the Clinton Global Initiative

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Perhaps the most beautiful moment of the show came when Jamie Brewer became the first person with Down syndrome to walk the New York Fashion Week runway. Brewer told, "Young girls and even young women … [see me] and say ‘hey, if she can do it so can I. It’s a true inspiration being a role model for any young women to [encourage them] in being who they are and showing who they are.”

Brewer was suggested as a Role Model by Changing the Face of Beauty founder Katie Driscoll. Driscoll requested a role model for her daughter Grace, who also has Down syndrome. If you want to know the impact of Hammer's Role Models, just look at Grace's expression in this photo:

Jamie Brewer and Changing The Face of Beauty Katie Driscoll and Daughter Grace credit Katie Driscoll - Carrie Hammer Role Models Not Runway Models New York Fashion Week - Hello, Handbag
Photo credit: Katie Driscoll

Hammer told ABC News, "I'm most looking forward to putting the most amazing women in the world on the runway and inspiring other women." Well Ms. Hammer, you made it happen. 

This show changed my perspective on real beauty. So I'd love to know, how do you define beauty? Leave a comment below or tag me on Twitter or Instagram

All photos are courtesy of the fabulous Carrie Hammer and are used by permission.  

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