Blue Q - Whimsical Recycled Bags

Apr 21, 2015

My friends, something very funny has just happened.

As I was researching Blue Q I kept thinking, "I have to get my hands on one of these." They're fun. They're 95% post-consumer recycled. They're intelligently eclectic. They're creative. And when you purchase one, a part of the proceeds goes back to something good. I mean, you just have to love them!

As I researched, Blue Q's brand of whimsical unexpectedness started to feel more and more familiar. Then I came across the Mighty Michelle Shopper and realized, I have a Blue Q! And I love it!

Mighty Michelle Blue Q - Hello, Handbag

My Mighty Michelle was a gift from my mom, who knows me so well. I absolutely adore this bag!

This large tote is made out of 95% recycled woven polypropylene. Basically that means it's highly durable, and waterproof as far as I can tell. It also makes it shiny, but I chalk that up to Michelle's sparkly personality.

The shopper is also full of fun details like this:
Blue Q Mighty Michelle Detail - Hello, Handbag

And this, which happens to be an interior pocket:

Mighty Michelle Blue Q Interior - Hello, Handbag

I've done full grocery runs with this bag and she held up beautifully. And I always get compliments! But here's my favorite part:

Blue Q shopper tag - Hello, Handbag

The tag says, "Used grain sacks are collected, cleaned, ground and... melted into rolls of recycled plastic... woven into durable fabric...printed with our super-fantastic graphics... cut and sewn into bags of all shapes and sizes... and off to work they go." It also says that 1% of my the proceeds from my bag supports The Nature Conservancy

What's even funnier is that I recognize another bag, the Vintage Blue Crossbody, from my dear friend The Wandering Pea. The Vintage Blue is beautiful, well structured, and has the added benefit of being hands free. And it's on sale for $4.99! That's not a typo, it's really an excellent bag you can get for less than $5!

I was a lover of Blue Q even before I knew the brand. So I can recommend it to you wholeheartedly. I can't wait to see which ones you pick, might I suggest the "You're Beautiful, Don't Change" coin purse ($3.99) or the "Giraffes Are Good People" handy tote ($9.99).

Do you have a favorite recycled or eco-friendly bag? I'd love to see it, please tag me in your instas

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