Nepal Earthquake: How to Help

Apr 25, 2015

A 7.8 earthquake hit Nepal early this morning, leaving 1000+ people dead. Imagine, one thousand lives gone in a few moments. Nepal needs our help right now. Here are a few ways you can make a difference.

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How to help people affected by Nepal Earthquake- Hello, Handbag


American Nepal Medical Foundation
  • From Indiegogo: "We are raising funds to donate to the RedCross Nepal and other relief agencies (via ANMF) for the humanitarian efforts in Nepal."
  • Donate here

  • From the CARE website: "Your help is urgently needed to provide critical relief to families in Nepal effected by the earthquake. CARE is already on the ground preparing for the relief effort."
  • Donate here

Global Giving
  • From the Global Giving website: "How will this project solve this problem? All donations to this fund will support disaster recovery and relief efforts in response to the region of Nepal impacted by this earthquake. Initially, the fund will help first responders meet survivors' immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products, and shelter. Once initial relief work is complete, this fund will transition to support longer-term recovery efforts run by local, vetted local organizations."
  • Donate here

Mercy Corps
  • From the Mercy Corps website: "Thanks to supporters like you, our team on the ground is preparing to respond to urgent needs in the hardest-hit areas...Your gift will help us deliver lifesaving relief and provide the resources families need to rebuild."
  • Donate here

  • From the Oxfam website: "Oxfam aid workers are on the ground, preparing to launch a rapid response to ensure food and water reaches those in need. You can help rush aid to survivors in the wake of this disaster."
  • Donate here

Red Cross

  • From the Red Cross website: "The Red Cross has approximately 19,000 non-food relief kits available in Nepal which include clothing, kitchen sets, tarpaulins, mosquito nets, and personal hygiene items. Nearly 1,200 tarpaulins have already been distributed to displaced families and the Red Cross is activating its logistics systems in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai to mobilize additional relief materials in the coming days. "
  • Donate here
  • From the World Food Programme website: "Give lifesaving food and help WFP reach families who need us the most.​"
  • Donate here


Save the Children
  • From the Save the Children website: "Save the Children is in need of donations to support our disaster response efforts. Your support will help us protect vulnerable children and provide desperately needed relief to families. Donations will go to the Nepal Earthquake Children's Relief Fund will support our disaster response to this emergency."
  • Donate here

  • From the UNICEF website: "UNICEF is on the ground, assessing the needs of the children and their families who have been affected by the earthquake, but we need your help. A donation of £55 is enough to provide emergency water kits to 5 families in Nepal. 40% of Nepal's population are children, so please donate today, and help save children's lives."
  • Donate here or give $10 via phone by texting "Nepal" to 864233

Finding People:

Facebook Safety Check:
Facebook is asking users in the affected area to identify if they are "safe." Click here to check the list of people who have registered as "safe."

Google Person Finder
Google has opened it's Person Finder tool: Google Person Finder 2015 Nepal Earthquake

International Committee of the Red Cross
Click here to register someone as missing, register yourself as "I am alive," and to see a list of both.

US State Department
If you're in the US and are concerned about a US Citizen in Nepal, call the State Department: 1 888 407 4747.

Emergency Information:

US Embassy
If you're a US Citizen in Nepal and you need help, call +977 1 423 4068. More info via Twitter: @USEmbassyNepal
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Update 4/26: The death toll has now risen above 2000. Please help in whatever way you can.

This list will be updated regularly. If you'd like to see something added here please send via tweet to @hello_handbag.

Photo credit: Thank you to Wikimedia for the photo of Everest. Attribution: By Mount_Everest_as_seen_from_Drukair2.jpg: shrimpo1967 derivative work: Papa Lima Whiskey 2 [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. I love that you're doing this. Will be sharing repeatedly.

    1. Thanks LaMesha! Let's get the word out to whoever we can, even a few dollars could mean the difference for someone in Nepal! (PS you are just the best and I hope I get to give you a big hug in person asap)


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