Paloma's Day Off: The Adventures of Popbasic's Signature Clutch

Apr 20, 2015

Meet the Paloma, Popbasic's beautiful signature clutch. She has a personality all her own, and I can't wait to introduce you.

Paloma's Day Off The Adventures of Popbasic's Signature Clutch - Hello, Handbag

Paloma's day, like most of ours, starts with a cup of coffee.
Paloma clutch Popbasic coffee - Hello, Handbag

Next, Paloma went for a quick trip to the beach. She finds the ocean air invigorating. For the morning excursion she only needed a few things - she carried car keys, some sunnies, extra lip balm, and sunscreen, and still had room to spare.

Popbasic Paloma Microcollection - Hello, Handbag

Then Paloma went shopping. She couldn't decide what piece looked best on her, so she narrowed her choices down to a handful. Which is your favorite?

Paloma clutch Popbasic with jewelry - Hello, Handbag

After all these activities, Paloma needed a pick me up. She headed over for an ice cream picnic with her sisters, Lilac Paloma and Cobalt Paloma.

Popbasic Paloma Ice Cream - Hello, Handbag

Popbasic Paloma Clutch Lilac - Hello, Handbag

Popbasic-Paloma-Clutch cobalt - Hello, Handbag

Cobalt Paloma was feeling blue. She's lactose intolerant and couldn't enjoy the ice cream. But Paloma was carrying a special treat for Cobalt!

Gray Paloma clutch Popbasic with lollipop - Hello, Handbag

Lilac Paloma wanted a lollipop too, but our Paloma only had one with her. 

Gray Paloma Popbasic lining - Hello, Handbag

Then Cobalt had to leave. She was being picked up by their sister-in-law, a new and mysterious larger bag from the Popbasic family that Lilac and our Paloma couldn't wait to get to know better.

Popbasic Paloma Cobalt with Large Bag - Hello, Handbag

After ice cream, Paloma knew she needed a healthy dinner. She took her roommate to the store for some much needed fruits and veggies.

Gray Paloma Popbasic grocery store - Hello, Handbag

After that long and satisfying day, Paloma indulged in a few well deserved macaroons.
Gray Paloma clutch Popbasic with macaroons - Hello, Handbag

Since there's no better ending than a night spent with macaroons, we'll leave Paloma there until her next adventures! If you'd like to take your own Paloma out for macaroons, she's available here for $85 (you might even find a special jewelry surprise when Paloma arrives on your doorstep!).

Where should we take the Paloma next? We'd love suggestions, send us pictures on instagram to Popbasic and Hello, Handbag!

This post is part of the April A to Z Challenge. Check out my previous post, orYANY: Everyday Bags for Extraordinary Women (Like You), or see all the posts from the Challenge here.

All photos courtesy of Popbasic (thank you!)

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