Twice: Pre-Loved Handbags, Clothes and Shoes

Apr 23, 2015

Say hello to Twice, the eco-friendly, affordable online stop for clothes, shoes, and of course handbags!

Disclosure: I'm now an affiliate of Twice. If you click one of the links in this post and decide to buy something, you're directly supporting Hello, Handbag. Which is awfully nice of you.

I love Twice for three reasons:

First, buying pre-loved merchandise is eco-friendly. By buying from Twice you're getting the bags you want, but because they come secondhand you're saving tons of materials from going to the landfill. Twice recycles more than 28,000 lbs every month.

Second, price. Last month (before I was an affiliate) I ordered:

  • two blazers
  • a skirt
  • cropped pants
  • a sweater
  • a tank top
My grand total? $66.72. Including shipping! I had a great discount (you can have it too - 50% off) but even if I didn't it would have been a great deal. And because they have a strict policy of only accepting merchandise in the best condition, you know you're getting clothes you'll want to wear. 

But really, we're all here for the handbags. Like this gorgeous Gucci Black Shoulder Bag for only $343:

Or for the bold, this funky (in a great way) Betsey Johnson Pink Handbag:

If you head over there now, you can get 50% off your first order

Are you a Twice shopper? I'd love to see your haul, send me a tweet or tag me in your instagram post!

This post is part of the April A to Z Challenge. Check out my previous post, theSkimm - The Best Part of Wakin' Up, or see all the posts from the Challenge here.

All photos courtesy of Twice (thank you!).

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