Better You Better World - Enrou Challenges Us To Be Intentional

May 19, 2015

We live in a world where it's awfully easy not to think. Pick up your phone when it beeps, turn on the tv when you get home, wake up when the alarm says so. We deserve better than that my friends! 

So join me for two weeks of being intentional in our choices. And what better way to keep ourselves accountable than through an Instagram challenge!

Enrou Better You Better World calendar - Hello, Handbag

I hope you'll join me for the #betteryoubetterworld challenge over the next two weeks! Get started by doing something intentional and posting a photo on instagram. It can be anything! Read a book, host a girls' night in... do what makes you feel great and give yourself the permission to do it intentionally.

This challenge is hosted by Enrou, an incredible new marketplace devoted to making the world better. Every purchase supports and artisan - if I buy this awesome wine bottle holder, I know I'm supporting Vincent's small business. That purchase also supports his community with job training and development. You can get clothes, accessories, home decor, and (of course) handbags!
Enrou Hiptipico Sanik Clutch Bright - Hello Handbag
But the real charm of Enrou is how they encourage you to live your own life. Enrou wants you to live for a better you and a better world. I can't think of a better way to be.

Better You Better World - Enrou - Hello, Handbag

Please join me for the #betteryoubetterworld challenge! I'll be posting and following along with the hashtag, but I'd love it if you tagged me and Enrou on your Instagram photos so we don't miss anything. Please share this challenge with your friends, we all deserve to live a little more intentionally!

All photos courtesy of Enrou, thank you!

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