What To Do With An Ugly Purse

May 18, 2015

Recently a friend of mine was given a really ugly handbag. What can she do with it? Luckily there are a few (surprisingly good!) options.

First, meet the inspiration for this post:

This bag is really ugly. It has a braided/rolled top handle made of 12 ropes that look like they belong on curtains. The whole thing is made of plastic and boy does it feel like it - I think my tupperware might be softer. The most ridiculous part is the fringe, made up of some extra rope with screws capping off the ends. Screws! Ugh, I just can't even.

Unfortunately this bag was given by my friend's mother-in-law, which made refusing the gift impossible. So what do you do when you're gifted a bag like this and can't say no? Here are a few ideas:

Is this a bag you can sell? Online secondhand store like Twice make it easy to sell your stuff, start selling your bags here.

Goodwill (or your local charitable thrift store) 
In 2013 more than 260,000 people found employment because of Goodwill. Donating = jobs.
Dress for Success helps disadvantaged women get professional attire, which can change the kind of jobs they are hired for. Find a donation location here.

What do you do with bags and clothes you can't use? I'd love to hear your suggestions, leave a comment below or post a picture to Instagram and tag me!

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  1. Great tips; I will keep these in mind for the future!

  2. Cool tips. I've got a few old bags and I will see what I can do with them :)

    Lu | www.balgarka.co.uk


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