Friday Favorites - Black Jumpsuits

Jun 12, 2015

Happy Friday friends! I'm back from a long, satisfying visit with family and friends who have become family. There is nothing in the world like watching your best friend of 25 years get married! But I'm happy to be back and getting into my routine again (hello, sleep!).

You know what I'm loving on this beautiful Friday? Black jumpsuits.

For my best friend's wedding I went out of my comfort zone and wore a jumpsuit! Gasp! And you know what? It was amazing. I was comfortable, I was free to move, and I felt like a million bucks! I received so many compliments, someone tres chic even called me "fierce." Win!

If you're considering a jumpsuit, go for it. Try layering on gold jewelry, you'll feel gorgeous. And you will be!

What handbag should you carry? Go bold! Try this oversize Cobalt Leather Clutch from Popbasic, she's gorgeous and functional and all around right.

Fun fact: I recently learned that a "jumpsuit" is the proper term for the piece of clothing pictured above, while a "romper" refers to the same but with shorts instead of long pants. Who knew? (Probably you, smarty pants!)

What's making you happy this week? Please leave a message in the comments or tweet me at @hello_handbag!

Photo credit: SplitShire

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