You Won't Get More Literal "Arm Candy" Than This

Jun 24, 2015

This is a Nahui Ollin and (I can't believe this) it's made out of candy wrappers.

Nahui Ollin brunch - Hello, Handbag

Nahui Ollin, also known as Ollin Arm Candy, is a bag company born out of the need for eco-friendly fashion accessories. Each bag is made up of defective candy wrappers, thousands of pieces of plastic that would otherwise go to a landfill.

Instead the candy wrappers go to artisans in Mexico, who hand-stich each bag. One bag can take up to 4000 candy wrappers and 4 days to complete!

Nahui Ollin Arm Candy - wrappers and flowers - Hello, Handbag

This bag is small but mighty. It's just about the size of my hand, but it fits:
  • keys
  • lip closs
  • an iPhone 5
  • mints 
  • all the cards 
Nahui Ollin inside peak - Hello, Handbag

Pronounced "now-we oh-lean" the name Nahui Ollin derives from the Aztec term meaning literally "four-movement," which refers to the constant movement of our world and the universe. An apt name for a company taking a product meant to be discarded and moving it along to a new life.

Nahui Ollin bag bag candy wrappers - Hello, Handbag

You can find Nahui Ollin at Fred Siegal, MoMA and Dylan's Candy Bar. Or at their website,

Many thanks to my dear blogger friend Jen at The Wandering Pea for introducing me to this bag!

Are you a fan of recycled materials? Do you wear them for fashion or for ethics? Sound off below!

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