Best Blogger Bags: July 20th

Jul 20, 2015

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I love the way bloggers style their bags, this community has such an eye for colors and patterns! Take a look at some of the best bags this week:

Best Blogger Bags July 20 2015 photo credit Maria Morri - Hello, Handbag

Let's start with Karrie Mitchell Burke of Rarely Taken Seriously. Her new Henri Bendel is gorgeous! This is called the Carlyle Wallet On A String (adorable name right?) and comes in a reddish-orange or powder blue as well. $250.

Stephanie's casual weekend style from 30 Shades of Stephanie was topped off with this bright patchwork bag from Forever 21, unfortunately sold out now:

Love the tribal pattern look as much as I do? Here's an alternate option from Modcloth, on sale now for 70% off!

Someday Best Bag

But my favorite bag this week was from Ayanna Listenbee of The Lookbook Philosophy. Read the caption below and you'll see why.

One of the reasons I am so passionate about encouraging women to embrace who they are and celebrate that is because in the past I was not always so quick to do that myself. It's hard to see, but if you look closely at this image you will see that the label attached to the bag reads "Anna Listenbee". My name is Ayanna Listenbee, but early on in my design career, I didn't think my name was good enough. I thought it wasn't "common" enough, and so I dumbed it down to Anna. (No offense to any Annas who may be reading this :). During that time period, I went through a few life changing experiences that showed me just how strong I really was. I grew a lot and began to recognize my strengths for what they were. I guess you could say I grew into myself, and as a result, I decided to drop the pseudonym and use my real name. I redesigned + created my logo from my signature, because I believed in myself and my product enough to sign my name to each and every item I created. Needless to say, it was one of the best business decisions I've made. It feels so good to be at peace with who you are, to like who you are and what you stand for. And that is what I want for all women. We can be so hard on ourselves, focusing on what we think we lack more so than our gifts. But the purpose of this post is to tell you this:: there is only one you. You are a designer original, and the world needs your gifts! Embrace your imperfections, and celebrate your quirks, these are the very things that make you, uniquely you!! Make a commitment to let your light shine daily. You never know whose dark path you may light up, just by being you. xx #shineyourlight #celebrateyourindividuality #doyou #beyourself
A photo posted by ayanna listenbee collection (@ayannalistenbee) on

You go Ayanna! Want to support her work? Check out her bags at The Lookbook Philosophy Boutique (a little birdy told me the new collection is coming soon...).

What other beautiful bags did you see this week? Leave a link in the comments below!

photo credit: #fashion #designer #handbag #ps11 #proenza_schouler via photopin (license)

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