Danit Peleg Breaks the 3D Barrier

Jul 23, 2015

Danit Peleg has just done the impossible. She's made a wearable 3D printed collection.

Danit Peleg is a 2015 graduate from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Israel. For her final project, Peleg designed a 5-piece collection printed entirely at home through a 3D printer.

About her design process, Peleg says, "I believe that technology will help democratize fashion and give designers more independence in the creation process."

I couldn't agree more! In a few short years we'll be able to print anything with the touch of a button. Think of what this could mean for fashion, or for a teacher in a classroom, or for an organization tackling homelessness.

Each piece took approximately 400 hours to print. Not ideate, design, mock up, edit... 400 hours just printing. Yikes! Peleg did all the printing at home on a Witbox printer (about $1850 if you're thinking about picking one up for yourself). Here's what it looks like to print a shoe:

Congratulations to Peleg on an incredible breakout collection, this is the start of something brilliant. Follow Peleg via her website or on instagram for the very latest!

How do you feel about 3D printing? Would you wear something from Peleg's collection? Do you think you'll wear a 3D printed piece at some point in your life? I'd love to hear your thoughts, please leave a comment below!

Photo credit: Danit Peleg


  1. Thingiverse is a great website with free 3D printable designs. I'm addicted to the organizers and such that people upload. Tried printing the T-rex skull shoes but never got it to work quite right... maybe someday!

    1. How cool! I'd love to see your projects, do you have any posted somewhere? And I am 100% behind the t-rex shoes :)

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