Super Beauty At Any Age - Cindy Crawford and the Supermodel Reunion

Aug 27, 2015

When you last checked Twitter or Facebook, how far did you have to scroll before names like Cara DeLevigne and Kendall Jenner hit your feed? Probably not long. But ask your mother, or the grocery store clerk, and chances are these names will be lost on them.

Cindy Crawford photo credit Televisione Streaming Flickr 20120170645 - Hello, Handbag

Now ask them about Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell - the recognition is instant. There was a brief period of time when a few women ruled the visual world. And while we've seen their faces from time to time since, many of them are living outside the public eye. So a new short film, which brings together six (six!) of the world's most recognizable models, is a rare treat.

Photographer Peter Lindbergh's new short film "The Reunion" revisits his 1990 Vogue cover with the then little-known women. In the film, supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz, Eva Herzigova, Nadja Auermann, Helena Christensen and Karen Alexander spend a day at the beach laughing, trying on fabulous clothing, and reminiscing about what it's like to grow older in their industry.

These women are stunning at any age. Which makes us remember yet again that beauty has no bounds. You are lovely regardless of your ability, your gender, your size, and as we see today, your age.

25 years ago these women were beautiful. Today, they're radiant.

What did this film inspire in you? We'd love to hear, leave a message below!

Photo credit: Cindy Crawford produttrice di una serie tv sulla moda negli anni '80 via photopin (license)

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