#DatingYourPurse - Anna Kendrick meets Gloria Steinem

Sep 22, 2015

Miss Adventure is back! Anna Kendrick's shenanigans in Kate Spade's brilliant advertising campaign make us giddy for accessories. In this episode she encounters an unexpected and staggeringly cool new friend:

Did you hear that? Gloria Steinem!

Ok, I'll admit it - nowadays we might not immediately recognize Gloria Steinem's name (*raises hand sheepishly*). But if you're reading this, I'm willing to bet you've benefitted from her work.

Gloria Steinem photo credit By Mindy Kittay - Hello, Handbag Kate Spade Miss Adventure

Gloria Steinem did more for women's rights than Daenerys did for Game of Thrones. The New York Times called her "the face of feminism." She was listed as one of Glamour Magazine's 75 Most Important Women of the Past 75 Years and has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She is one amazing lady.

So to see her pop up in Kate Spade's most recent Miss Adventure is truly thrilling. This episode has that same irreverent vibe (remember when Miss Adventure locked herself out of her house?) with a little nod to the company's feministic spirit. Also, Anna Kendrick has made it 100% acceptable to be #datingyourpurse. ‪As Steinem herself said, "Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry." You don't need a man on your arm if you don't want him - go ahead girl, make that gnome your own. (Tweet this!)

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Photo credit: By Mindy Kittay of Boulder, Colorado [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. The fact that some girls today may not immediately recognize Gloria Steinem is exactly why Women's History month matters. Cute video and major props for doing your research on this one--so many people just pretend they know and don't educate themselves or their readers.

    1. I've definitely been guilty of that too. It's harder to be aware of your surroundings, but it's so worth it! Thank you for stopping by, I just read your post about being closet rich and totally loved it!


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